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Sexually transmitted diseases

Sexually Transmitted Diseases are also known as Sexually Transmitted Infections. Medical terminology termed these are transmitted through physical contact specially sexual intercourse. Sexual contact can of any form like oral sex, anal pleasure, cross matching or vaginal insertion. The transmission of these disease can be possible through other means also such as mother feeding. These diseases can also be transferred through mutation or inheritance from parents to children.

These are examples of sexually transmitted infections or diseases. These include:

  • Chancroid
  • Chlamydia
  • Crabs (Pubic Lice)
  • Hepatitis B
  • Trichomoniasis (parasitic infection)
  • Genital herpes
  • Human Papillomavirus (HPV)
  • Syphilis
  • Molluscum Contagiosum
  • Pelvic Inflammatory Disease (PID)
  • Scabies
  • Genital warts
  • Syphilis, gonorrhea
  • Trichomoniasis (Trich)
  • Yeast infections

Sexual transmission of infections has become very common in America and Europe. These are spread from under pant parts of men and women. These area are mostly covered and stay warm, moist and hot. So generally with time these parts become residence of warms, bacteria and other harmful viruses. When men and women come close to each other and do sexual contact then transmission of these viruses occur from one person to another.

New generation is more prone to such unprotected sex. These practices are noticed more in United States of America. Recent research of World Health Organization noted that over 1 million infection occur every year in USA. And these are more common in adults of age between 14 to 19. USA Health Department is investing lot of US tax payers dollars to create awareness that safe sex should be adopted instead of being open to diseases.

CDC 2016 STD Alarm

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has published its curious findings for new injection of huge number of sexual diseases. United States has approved federal programs to control infection of sexually transmitted diseases and create awareness.

This report shows that around 20 million news cases are reported every year. It is much worse than CDC normally expected. This huge number of new injections into disease center will be costing around 16 billion US dollars every year. This data is related to three famous disease like Chlamydia, Gonorrhea and Syphilis. This report is confirmed by Managed Caremag.

migraines headache


migraineMigraine is common health problem. It is normally called partial headache. It affects one side of your head. This can be normal or severe depending on various condition which will be discussed below. In USA one out of every five women are facing conditions of migraine. It is more common in women. Whereas one out of every fifteen men is facing one of three types of this special type of headache.

Types of migraine

Migraine is basically a type of headache. It is classified into various types depending on its symptoms.

  • Migraine with aura: Patient sees blurred vision signs in this type of migraine headache.
  • Migraine without Aura: Patient does not show normal signs of this disease. And there are no special warning symptoms to be noticed. It just appears from nowhere.
  • Migraine aura without headache: It is killer migraine in which patient does not have any signs of headache or pain. Doctors also call it silent killer type of migraine.

Migraines & Gut Bacteria

Migraine is basically caused by various unknown combination of gut bacteria. It is affected by certain food triggers. People which are more close to infection of migraines are sensitive to certain foods. Gut bacteria are responsible for breaking down nitrates. This breaking sometimes cause brain and scalp vessels to dilate. This is beginning of migraine infection.

migraine in brainDr Antonio Gonzalez is working at University of California. He has deep understanding of this disease. Antonio Gonzalez says that foods of special type are sometimes causing migraine infections. But one type of food does not infect every body. Its infection in case of migraines is different to every body. Some foods like wine, chocolate and sweets undergo a nitrate processing inside stomach. This nitrate breaking cause gut bacteria to function and lead to migraines.

migraines headacheDr Brendan Davies is working as associate professor at University Hospital of North Midlands. He is not in favor that gut bacteria is causing migraine trigger. The breaking of nitrates are being linked with headache and other such disease symptoms. But more research would be required to prove this mSystems journal article. Although research was done on 172 oral samples from various patients. Facial samples of 1996 are also collected from infected patients with migraines. But still more research would be appropriate. This research is published by TheGaurdian.

Food processing inside stomach is being under study to see details about gut bacteria. Chocolate is also known as famous trigger for migraine. But sweets are not being linked to such cases before. So doctors would be doing proper planned diet and survey for deep migraines analysis.

American Gut Project & Migraine

American gut project is a public funded project. Its purpose is to study oral and stool samples of migraine bacterial infected persons globally. After examination reports will be shared among all doctors or concerned members for review.

Mouth Bacteria causing Migraine

American Gut Project team started to review samples from oral and stool of patients from various American hospitals. Idea was to check a comparison between migraine sensitive persons and others. The purpose is to find answer of question whether same food infects one person while others are safe. Why nitrate, nitrite oxide effects certain people.

migraines in menAmerican Society for Microbiology has published these finding online on mSystems journal. Every human has millions of bacteria. This team of doctors is working under guidance of Professor Erik Viirre who is active member of neurosciences from University of California in San Diego. American Society for Microbiology publication lists the difference of quantity in infected and other people about mouth bacteria and migraine connection. These finding are published by MedScape article.

Mouth bacteria has a proved connection with migraine disease. Nitrates play their part after food intake. These compounds are made of 3 oxygen atom and one nitrogen atom. When we eat certain food then a chemical action is performed inside our mouth. This chemical action breaks down nitrates. During this process sometimes only one oxygen atom is removed which leaves nitrites behind. These nitrites go down to veins and valves of body. During their travel these can turn to nitric oxide.

The result of this chemical process inside mouth bacteria plays its part on human brain resulting in mild or delayed headache. Sometimes patient sensitive to migraines feel severe headache just after eating some food. But many face this migraine headache after many few hours. Findings of this publication prove that amount of nitrate, nitrite and nitric oxide is slightly greater in stool samples of 1996 migraineurs. And this ratio is more in oral samples.

Migraines & Foods connection

migrainesSan Diego School of Medicine conducted a research to trace link between mouth gut bacteria and migraines in Americans. This research has proved connections of food with migraines. A recent study has proved that around 39 million American people are facing minute or severe headache issues due to migraines.

This study is trying to trace foods that cause such condition in specific people. When certain people eat such foods, gut bacteria or microbes in patient mouth cause breaking of nitrates. Such effects of nitrate breaking can cause mild impacts in human mind.

JD Bartleson has confirmed that headache is mainly caused by migraines. It has been under research since long. But JD Bartleson said that connection between some special foods and their link with nitrate breakage has to be proved.

Processed meat & leafy greens causing migraine

Processed meat and leafy greens are tasty. These are good for extra proteins and vitamins but still adds nitrates. More nitrates in human mouth, the more it adds to effects & symptoms of headaches. Eating greens like vegetables, salad or processed meat gives extra value of bacteria. These greens help control heart disease and control chest pain.

Chocolate, wine and some other foods are acting like triggers of migraines in patients. Antonio Gonzalez and Embriette Hyde has been working on evaluating data collected from San Diego School of Medicine’s American Gut Project.


Human Embryo Gene Editing

Sweden genetic scientists have successfully attempted to modify Human Embryo first time in history. There are lot of controversies since gene editing came into limelight. Fredrik Lanner and his college mates from Karolinska Institute in Stockholm have started experimenting on embryo in early pregnancy stages.

What is Human Embryo?

Embryo is a form known as fetus in child development. Fetus at latest stage of pregnancy is called Embryo. Whereas in humans this condition comes in 11th week of pregnancy. When fetus is in 11th week then it is known as Human Embryo.

How Embryo Gene Edited

human-embryoCRISPR-Cas9 is new modern nano technology genetic tool that is used for genetic editing. Fredrik Lanner from Sweden has used this latest tool CRISPR-Cas9 in his research. He done experiment to make new designer babies. This technique can be used for embryo learning at this initial stage. But later could lead this tool to rogue hands.

CRISPR-Cas9 is invented in year 2016. It is used like scissors at molecular scale. CRISPR-Cas9 can be used to cut DNA in parts to make editing. It can be used to alter certain DNA particles or replace with some changed parts. Fredrik Lanner is hopeful that detailed knowledge of Embryo development with edited DNA will help genetic science to curb diseases of blindness etc.

History of Gene Editing in Human Embryos

Human gene development and study has always been a controversial topic. Scientists from genetics always been experimenting on it either openly or in laboratory. I will list here only public reports which are being published in authentic science journals.

A year ago genetic scientists from China confirmed human gene editing in Embryos. They specially modified a gene which was responsible for beta thalassemia blood disorder. A team of scientists also experimented on gene in Embryo to make humans resistant to HIV AIDS. Although genes are modified successfully but babies are not born or developed into full human forms.

What are benefits of Human Embryo Gene Editing

The CRISPR-Cas9 genetic tool will enable scientists to handle genetic diseases. It has lot of benefits. If scientists get through this learning curve of cells in DNA at embryo level. That would give benefit of removing certain diseases at initial scale. In general world people call it plan to develop designer babies. That could be true if technology is mishandled. This is narrated by live science journal.

Research of Fredrik Lanner could benefit humanity in removing dangerous diseases from human DNA. It can be used to eliminate specific genomes which carry forward disease from parents down to children. That is worse. Scientists could also use this technology to engineer designer babies that would be nightmare for mankind.

Controversies in Human Embryo Gene Editing

Dr Marcy Darnovsky from Center for Genetics and Society in California has issues with latest gene editing in Karolinska Institute in Stockholm Sweden under Dr Fredrik Lanner experiments.

Dr Marcy Darnovsky is worried as new technique may lead Embryo develop beyond 14 days and could lead no new disease or genetic disorder unknown to human science. Dr Marcy Darnovsky is against such experiments at institutional level.

Gene editing international acceptance

According to, international community has shown some acceptance in human gene editing at embryo level. This acceptance for gene editing is purely for eliminating dangerous diseases like AIDS, Cancer and serious mental conditions. Genetic scientists are hopeful that genetic changes learning can pave way to culminate tough diseases.

There are many ethical issues that need to be resolved in genetic changes. International summit on genetic science in year 2015 has laid basics for paving way of genetic editing. Researchers concluded that new nano technology can be used for gene editing up to certain limits. This is allowed on initial embryo development stages only to stop diseases transferring from one generation to next.

Human Organ Plantation in Animals

According to Science Daily, scientists has called for genetic embryo research to be conducted in animals with edited human DNAs. Researchers from Case Western Reserve University emphasized on joint animal human DNA Embryo editing research. It would be conducted on large animals like sheep and pigs. Human organs can be raised on such animals to meet large requirement of organs in hospitals.

School of Medicine at Case Western Reserve University has emerged as strong proposer of joint research on animal human gene editing. Professors from Case Western Reserve University said that animal protection rules like CHIMERA need to be considered as basic for this research. They should not be over rules in any case just to benefit humans.

Insoo Hyun is famous bio scientist. Insoo Hyun, PhD has proposed guidelines to protect animals in such genetic engineering. There has been many attempts made of animal human transplants. Science has referred to Greek myths of mysterious bodies like head of lion and body of human.

Scientists has done transplants on mouse with cancer cells. Many DNS transplants on sheep are done but mostly failed. Insoo Hyun has proposed detailed guidelines for joint research on gene editing on animals and humans. There are many controversies in this regards but many popular voices are raised in favor of it.

Fertilization without egg cells

Bath University students are working on project to create embryos using alternate methods. Their researchers have come up with a unique method to make embryo without using egg cells and sperm combination.

They did fertilization using skin cells instead of egg cells. And successfully created two live mice in their laboratory. This invention really shocked the world. It is unique and same time shocking that fertilizing or creating an embryo without female sperms.

Embryologists at Bath University has created an amazing new way in their lab. A famous embryologist Tony Perry said that skin cells use instead of egg cells in fertilization technique is giving same results as normal. It has challenged embryologist finding since last 200 years.

All embryologists are satisfied that no embryo can be made without egg cells. They carried on to this research until today when Tony Perry changed way of thinking in modern science.

Fertility disease treatment using skin cells

Live mammalian birth can be achieved without using egg cells. This is now proved in lab under famous embryologist Tony Perry in Bath University. New embryo generation technique can be used to treat women who cannot make their own eggs.

Doctor can take cells from women skin and use them to form embryo which can then be grown naturally to form baby. There are many technical hurdles that still need to be resolved.This research is reported by TheGaurdian.

Speculation of research of egg replacement in fertility with skin cells is very high. Many women cannot give birth to baby because of inability to create egg cells. Now they can get happiness of baby with same DNA using their skin cells.

Cancer treatment also make women unable to create egg cells. They cannot also get treatment using this new embryo generation technique. If all aspects of this research give successful results, then a ray of hope would be among every women with fertility issues.

Francis Crick Institute is also working on projects of alternative methods to make embryos. A professor & geneticist at Francis Crick Institute Robin Lovell Badge said that high speculation is not surprise. Research is truly remarkable.

Robin Lovell Badge is hopeful to lead this new fertility research to create species which are becoming extinct. Skin cells of such animals or creatures can be used to create embryos and surrogate mothers to let them grow naturally. In this way, nature would be saved using geneticist technology.

Nature Communications journal published this research with details of how new embryo is made without egg cells. Scientists  used various unknown chemicals to trick cells if they have been fertilized. Researchers named these new form of embryos as parthenogenotes. These unusual parthenogenotes embryos are much like normal form. These cells are then inserted with sperms.

Behavior of parthenogenotes embryos was much responsive. They showed positive response to sperms and growth was really normal. Lab team made more than 20 mice using this technique. Although success ratio of living & dying is 24% alive and 76% dead. But no side effects of this genetic technique are noted in animals or offspring’s of mice.

This research at Bath University is funded by US Medical Research Council. A member from Medical Research Council said that experiment is not yet final. There are certain pieces of it which are viable for future. But more detailed study is required to get practical outcome. Paul Colville Nash is not much hopeful from this embryo technique. He sees many other aspects after funding project.

US Conference of Catholic Bishops (USCCB)

US National Institute of Health (NIH) is planning to fund new embryo editing technique and research of part animal part human. US Conference of Catholic Bishops has submitted its report against such funding.

USCCB is opposing this plan at national level. Members of US Conference of Catholic Bishops comment that out come of this experiment would be dangerous. New species and new diseases would be introduced in mankind which will be nightmare for all.

NIH is planning to change its rules for stem cell research. Recent development in human gene editing has paved way for new methods. So NIH is considering to fund new research methods for creating humans organs using animal-human DNA ventures.

Stem cell research on humans in not allowed legally in United States under present rules of NIH. If these rules are changed and NIH provides funds then alarming positive or negative results would be expected. It is reported by CNY Organization.

Bishops have view that new funding by NIH using tax money to create new species would be discouraged. NIH issued statement to scientists of genetics to focus on part human part animal embryos. Members of USCCB are opposing such directions of new research. If a new specie is created which is mice human, or rate human, horse human, lion human etc, would be much worse for mankind.

America law has statement with name of “Dickey Wicker Amendment”. Dickey-Wicker Amendment bounds NIH not to use tax money for investing on editing of human embryos. It states that tax money will not be used to destroy or create human embryos for any purpose. Bishops gave reference in legal notice to NIH of Dickey-Wicker Amendment US Law.

What are Chimera in Genetics Science

A single specie with composition of DNS from various species. In simple a specie with cells from more than one animals. It can be in any form or shape. It is called Chimera in Genetics. There are many legal rules which prohibit such experiments in United States.

What are human-animal chimeras

Human-animal chimeras are created using cells from an animal and human together. An embryo is created with part animal part human cells. It is generally called hybrid embryo. There are many legal and ethical boundaries which prohibit such research to be public. Whereas under the table it is going on in Europe and America at large scale with funding from state.

What is CRISPR/Cas-9 Genome Editing tool

CRISPR/Cas-9 is discovered by a group of scientists few years ago. This tool has revolutionized research pattern of Genetic sciencies. CRISPR/Cas-9 is mainly designed by a female scientist Jennifer Doudne. Fredrik Lanner used this tool to genetically modifiy a healthy human embryo in laboratory for research purposes. Fredrik Lanner is working at Karolinska Institute of Sweden.

CRISPR is abbreviated from Clustered Regularly Interspaced Short Palindromic Repeats. It is new tool that has capacity to edit or change human DNA. It can transform whole field of biology. Human genes are edited years ago but precision was not achieved. Now with the invention of CRISPR editing with precision is possible.

Genetically modified humans will not be same as normal persons. If a scientist tries to change DNA of healthy new born baby, it would be different than routine persons. If we make a designer baby with more IQ and enhanced properties. Changing normal person would lead humans to abnormality. CRISPR-CAS9 nano technology has drastically enhanced possibilities of editing human DNA. This has enabled scientists to engineer designer babies.

Who is Fredrik Lanner

Fredrik LannerFredrik Lanner is associate professor at Karolinska Institutet SE-171 77 Stockholm, Sweden. You can call this number to contact him Ph: +46-8-524-800-00, or Fax on: +46-8-311101. He is active member of Swedish Research Council, Ragnar Söderberg Foundation, Mats Sundin Fellowship, ÅKE WIBERGS STIFTELSE, Research Associate position, funded by the Board of Research, Karolinska Institutet, CIMED and Swedish Foundation for Strategic Research.

Fredrik Lanner is expert in research of pluripotency, embryonic stem cells and regenerative medicines. Group of lab members consisted of nine members along with leader Lanner.  Dr Liselotte Antonsson is acting as Lab manager.

Dr Sophie Petroploulos is post doctorate. He is working on single cell RNA sequencing analysis of human blastocyst formation. Dr Sebastian Hildebrand is also post doctorate. His major work is establishing biophysical properties of trofectoderm in 1st epithelial cell types.

Dr Sarita Pauliina Panula is graduate student. He is working on establishing novel tools to explore stem cell types. Dr Siqin Wu is Industrial post doctorate. He is linked with Spiber Technologies. John Paul Schell is PhD student. His aim is dissecting naive and primed pluripotency along with Alvaro Plaza Reyes. Sara Padrell Sánchez is also famous team member and a PhD student.

First genetically modified humans

Swedish scientist research has paved way for commercial innovation in genetics. A private company Editas Medicine has announced to start creating GMO within two years time. GMO mean Genetically Modified Humans.This news is broken by Telegraph.

Editas Medicine is based in United States. This company will offer commercial services internationally to edit genes of children whose parents are suffering with severe diseases. This could help lot of people with lost hope. Blindness is a severe backdrop which goes from parents to children. It could be erased from DNA history.

Gene is complete inheritance of new born baby. It carries all properties of human including diseases, shape of body, mental properties, IQ and others from parents down to children. If we edit the basic cell which is responsible to carry all aspects of human personality, what would happen.

The answer of this question is yet unknown. Scientists are not sure about long term effects of these base changes in human DNA. Geneticists will be learning these details so see what comes out of this scenario of editing DNA and human healthy embryos.

Blinding Disorder Treatment using Gene Editing

Editas Medicine USA has raised voice in favor of blinding disorder. This could be a ray of hope for people with blindness. This disorder is transferred from parent to children due to malfunctioning of gene.

Editas Medicine is promising that gene editing could be used to fix this malfunction. And modified gene will erase blinding disorder completely in kids. CEO of Editas Medicine Katrine Bosley will start initial tests on blind people from year 2017. And this would be first company in world which used CRISPR technology on humans.

Three Parent Embryo Child in USA

United States law does not allow scientists to modify human embryo for any purpose. Lawmakers passed a special bill to discourage such biological steps. UK is first country which has allowed three parent embryo technique officially under a certain law. This is reported by Fortune website.

A US couple was carrying a genetic neurological disorder. This mental disorder is known as Leigh syndrome in medical terminology. Their two kids have already died just after few years of birth. These parents are from Jordan. Scientists developed new baby using sperm form father, egg from real mother with nucleus replaced with donor mother egg.
in vitro fertilization chamberThis IVF technique prevented DNA from transferring this dangerous mental disorder disease down to new born baby. So with this three parent embryo Leigh syndrome is completely removed from this generation. The new fertilization technique is tried first time in United States. A new born child is now having 3 natural parents. He has two moms and one father.

Embryo Grading in IVF Procedure

Grading in school is very familiar to everyone. What will happen if you fail to get good grades In Vitro Fertilization (IVF) embryo testing. That would be very disgusting and bad. It is normal procedure to grade embryos before procedure is started. These are
basic parameters which are considered to grade.

  • Number of cells
  • Size of cells
  • Rate of development of cells inside embryo
  • Symmetry
  • Mass of inner cells
  • Fragmentation of cells
  • Stage of development of cells

Possibility the best embryo are used for pregnancy procedure in IVF chamber. High grade means high score to quality for pregnancy. The testing procedure is still in research. Biotechnology is continuously changing along with technique, rules and parameters. IVF chamber is used for such tests with current state of art rules. This is reported by huffingtonpost.

Holstein breed cows horn removed with gene editing

Cows are more common than buffaloes in Europe, Australia and America. Farmers grows these Holstein breed cows inside a farm. These cows grow horns which can sometimes be dangerous for other members of farm including men. So farmers cut these horns with tool to get rid of any emergency situation.

Scientists from University of California done an experiment on removing these horns using gene editing. The breeding procedure is not disturbed but a gene is taken from another hornless cow breed to edit Holstein breed cows. The hornless cows breed is Angus. Alison Van Eenennaam is famous geneticist. He is carrying out this research along with Jennifer Kuzma. She is working in biotechnology department Genetically Modified Organisms. The research is published by Science Friday.

The genetic experiment of Alison Van Eenennaam is very crucial for on going development in human gene editing. This is successful experiment. Although scientists are open to public and government feedback but response is positive.

Goetz Laible is Phd fellow. She is very optimistic about current dairy cow successful genome editing. Using these technique live stock and dairy production can be increased to meet growing population requirements. Goetz Laible said that genome editing can be used to enhance live stock properties for better and safe farming, agriculture and feed.

Treatments with Gene Editing

CRISPR-Cas9 is being widely used for genetic editing. It has comes to bio engineering in medicine sciences. Scientists have started using CRISPR-Cas9 for altering cells to find cure of genetic diseases.

Sickle cell disease treatment with gene editing

Sickle cell disease is formerly known as SCD. It is genetic disorder that is transferred from parents to kids. This is critical disease and still no cure is in practice for it. Patient with Sickle cell disease can be victim of regular pain, organ failure, heart stroke and anemia. Patients with Sickle cell disease does not live long. They usually live for around 50 years.

CRISPR-Cas9 is very accurate tool to cut or modify human DNA. Dr Mark DeWitt is working as associate professor at University of California. He started using this CRISPR-Cas9 gene editing tool for this purpose. Dr Mark DeWitt edited cells of Sickle cell disease problematic parts and injected those in live mice. Editing of hemoglobin cells was successful to remove infected parts of these disease carriers. Treatment of SCD would be soon available in result of gene editing tools.

Knudra Transgenics

Knudra Transgenics is working since long on genetics for making latest medicine using nano technologies. They are in conversation with ERS Genomics for rights to use CRISPR-Cas9 gene editing tool. CRISPR-Cas9 is intellectually owned by ERS Genomics. Knudra Transgenics is keen to use this latest genome editing tool for various experiments.

Emmanuelle Charpentier is first scientist who invented this latest gene editing toolkit. After this invention, Emmanuelle Charpentier sold rights to ERS Genomics for cost of million dollars. This tool was named by Emmanuelle Charpentier. Now if any company or organization want to use this tool then prior rights permission would be required from ERS Genomics. He is sole owner of this intellectual property in Europe and America. This report is published with authenticity by thepharmaletter.

CRISPR-Cas9 will be used to edit C Elegans, nematodes and roundworms. Scientists of Knudra Transgenics will engineer their existing models of research to adopt this latest technology. Because their C Elegans, nematodes and roundworms are used to make latest medicines in labs. And these are widely used all over the world to engineer new medicines. It will open new doors of research in medicine science by using gene editing tool like CRISPR-Cas9.


Ohio Eight people died with Carfentanil Opioid

Heroin is white powder that is used in United States at large scale for various purposes. Mostly it is used for addiction and merely few percent for medical purposes. Carfentanil is basically designed for use on large animals. Its minute doze is enough to sooth very large animal beasts. So doctors and zoo planners keep its stock for emergency.

CarfentanilAccording to CNN News, eight people died by using mixture of heroin and Carfentanil together. Dr Lakshmi Kode Sammarco said that blood & urine tests confirm presence of this animal tranquilizer.

These deaths occurred in Hamilton County of Ohio, USA. Dr Lakshmi Kode Sammarco has confirmed positive presence of Carfentanil trails in blood samples of dead bodies. Drug dealers in United States are supplying heroin or morphine with mixing of Carfentanil. End users are not mostly aware of this new composite mixture.

Carfentanil is available in open market easily with brand name of Elephant tranquilizer. It is one thousand times more powerful than same weight of morphine or heroin. It is also named as fentanyl or analogue heroin.

This strong drug got popularity after American Pop Star Michael Jackson died by taking more than prescribed limit. Medicine of Zika Virus infection is not much famous like Hepatitis C Epclusa. This virus injection does not give addiction types. You can visit Kolmac Clinic in United States to get your first shot.

United States Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) stated that Carfentanil is available in various forms. Drug deals are making heroin or morphine with minute mixing of Fentanyl. It is good to increase strength and boost their sales. But some modern dealers are making tablets using mixture of white powders of various forms. This elephant tranquilizer has caused around 700 deaths each year. And this limit is growing up with every passing month.

Carfentanil is odorless. Agencies to monitor drugs are unable to locate its existence on airports or travel checking stops. Modern tablet manufacturers are making fentanyl in branded names which makes even tougher to get caught. Ohio State is facing Carfentanil deaths more than any other US State. These viral strands leads patient to critical diseases like bacterial meningitis.

Zika in Asia

Neurological Disease Zika Asia

According to CNN news, Zika Asia infections are reported in Asian countries since last month. The initial reported cases were none which has increased to 245 in one month. Zika disease is neurological and infection is growing in Asia. It is linked to brain development in new born babies. When female mosquitoes carrying zika virus bites healthy pregnant women or men. Virus is transferred to the victim. It becomes active carrier which can infect at the same time or can transfer to other person.

Zika in AsiaAsia is highly populated area. This virus has transferred from Africa to Europe and America. Now it is heading towards Asia specially Singapore. It is famous Asian country which is entrance point to Asia. Aedes aegypti is female mosquito. It is causing main spread of neurological disease Zika in Asia. Singapore health authority has officially confirmed two patients with Zika virus. There may be many active carriers of Aedes aegypti mosquito.

Singapore and Malaysia both are facing Zika intervention in health affairs. The 58 years old lady has contracted virus from Singapore while travelling back to Malaysia. She is under intensive care in Malaysia. These are first two nations which have accepted Zika presence officially. But many more cases would be present in third world countries of Asia. Medicine of Zika Virus infection is not much famous like Hepatitis C Epclusa. This virus injection does not give addiction types. You can visit Kolmac Clinic in United States to get your first shot.

World Health Organization has issued public Zika emergency last year after severe outbreak in Brazil & Congo. European Center for Disease Prevention and Control has issues warning over Zika spread in Asian countries. Few cases are also reported in Thailand along with Malaysia & Singapore. According to CNN News, Zika infection is expected to grow in other Asian countries China, Japan, India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Indonesia, Philippines, Vietnam, Cambodia, Nepal, Sri Lanka and Laos. These viral strands leads patient to critical diseases like bacterial meningitis.

Singapore is port city and very highly populated. Such scenario is ideal for growth of Aedes aegypti mosquito. Population of 5.6 million people is itself a highly dangerous for Zika Asia infection. European Center for Disease Control and Prevention is worried over such high infection cases in most populated cities. ECDC has issues a warning to government to take serious measures.

carfentanil overdose

Carfentanil Opioid Drug in Human Use

Carfentanil is a new form of white powder that is combined with heroin to increase its strength. According to United States DAE (Drug Enforcement Administration) Carfentanil is chemically very close to white heroin. It has pain killer effects like many drug opioid that doctors prescribe in severe depression cases.

carfentanil overdoseUnited States National Library of Medicine has recorded its statement about strength of Carfentanil. They said that its effects on human mind & health are one thousand time more dangerous than cocaine, heroin and morphine. This is not designed for human consumption. It is designed to be used to soothe very large animals like elephants, tigers or lions. In general market people call it elephant tranquilizers.

Drug Enforcement Agency has recently captured a packet of one kg Carfentanil drug on airport. DAE has very strict enforcement rules to stop its sale in market other than animals. But legally Carfentanil drug is authorized elephant tranquilizer.

So it can be sold on medicine pharmacies around United States of America. Many recent deaths in Ohio, Miami, New York are linked to combine used of heroine with white powder Carfentanil drug. Dealers are using this white form of opioid drug to increase their sales. But it has taken lives of many American citizens. Medicine of Zika Virus infection is not much famous like Hepatitis C Epclusa. This virus injection does not give addiction types.

Carfentanil opioid drug is derived from Fentanyl. But it is more powerful and dangerous than Fentanyl. Many drug suppliers are taken into custody over such harmful new combination of opioid drugs that are available in general market. Carfentanil opioid drug is colorless and has no smell or odor. Dogs & investigative personals are feeling it difficult to know whether addicted victims have taken its doze or not. You can visit Kolmac Clinic in United States to get your first shot.

American FDA has approved its use for large animals. Its doze of 2mg is sufficient to control 2100 pounds of elephant. Its doze can put him down in just few seconds. That is very dangerous when such highly strong Carfentanil drug is mixed heroin. Hamilton County, Indiana and Miami has been noticed an increase of 26 overdoses every week. These viral strands leads patient to critical diseases like bacterial meningitis.

Zika Virus

Baby with Zika Virus exposure found healthy

Maria Fernanda Ramirez Bolivar traveled from Venezuela to Miami Florida USA few months ago. She was one of many pregnant women who came to America with Zika Virus infection. She has been exposed to Zika Virus and her baby in womb also exposed to it. But nature has many hidden laws that keep on astonishing scientists and humankind.

Zika VirusMaria Fernanda Ramirez Bolivar gave birth to baby but shockingly there were no signs of Zika Virus infection. Doctors got so confused that new born baby is free from any signs of Microcephaly. There is not abnormality noted yet by team of University of Miami. Maria Fernanda named her new baby girl as Micaela. She is of eight weeks now. You can visit Kolmac Clinic in United States to get your first shot.

University of Miami, Florida has conducted many tests on baby girl to check for any signs of Zika Virus infection. Miami University team conducted tests under authority of Dr Ivan Gonzalez. All tests with ultrasounds are found very much normal. That seems like a miracle baby who got exposed to Zika and found 100% safe. Medicine of Zika Virus infection is not much famous like Hepatitis C Epclusa. This virus injection does not give addiction types.

According to CBS News, Dr Ivan Gonzalez said that tests of her blood & brain are normal. She is only eight weeks old now. But certain signs of scars in brain ultrasounds are noticed. Doctor’s team is not certain about these scars and minor dots in brain of child. This team will keep this baby girl under monitoring for 6 years. These viral strands leads patient to critical diseases like bacterial meningitis.

Miami University team of doctors said that Zika Virus infection is not only for babies. It is expanding to men and women in various coastal areas of America. When female Zika Virus carrier bites any men or women, Guillain-Barré syndrome is increased in blood stream of body. Guillain-Barré syndrome is responsible for many various brain disorders. It causes weakness in body and dullness. USA CDC has noted that many Zika patients are found with signs of Guillain-Barré syndrome in blood tests.

Gallstones disease

Gallstones disease causes, symptoms, abdominal pain

Gallstones are not usually considered as disease. These are small forms of hard cholesterol. They exist in many humans in small or large quantity. You should not fear from gallstones disease but sometimes pain in stomach is caused due to their trapping in gallbladder ducts. Abdominal pain can be from thirty minutes to six hours duration. In medical science, it is called Biliary Colic.

Gallstones diseaseNormally gallstones travel from liver to intestines comfortably. Sometimes their travel is hindered by cholesterol particles or their own large form. Their trapping in duct initiates pain or medically named as Biliary Colic. Sometimes complications can be dangerous. These can be in form of regular pain in stomach. These particles of cholesterol can form severe unbearable form of Jaundice. And in many cases regular fever is also one of three symptoms of this gallstones disease.

Gallstones diseaseAbdominal pain is very common factor for initial first aid assistance. Doctors said that many man and women who come with pain in their abdomen have gallstones disease in one form or another. According to World Health Organization & American Medical Institute published their research that eight person out of every hundred have gallstones disease. You can visit Kolmac Clinic in United States to get your first shot.

Gallbladder is very important human organ. It is located near liver. It has major role in human digestive system. Its main purpose is to create, store and release bile for digesting food in stomach. Bile is stored in Gallbladder and released only when required in stomach. It is a liquid form that is important for stomach working. It is not much famous like Hepatitis C medicine Epclusa. This virus injections does not give addiction types.

Gallstones are same as pile which is used for digesting food in human digestive system. But sometimes chemical composition is different of pile. This difference of chemical composition due to any reason causes shape of liquid to change. This pile becomes foamy and gains more weight. That causes problem in moving through small ducts of digestive system. It is dangerous for overweight men & women, females with more weight and overage people.

There are various forms of treatment in medical science for gallstones disease. USA has latest research and technology to conduct operation on time if patient is admitted with abdominal pain or symptoms of gallstones. These viral strands leads patient to critical diseases like bacterial meningitis.

Yellow Fever

Yellow Fever Vaccine Experiments in IOWA University

Mosquito born viruses are more dangerous in all states of America. These new diseases which traveled from African countries to Europe & America are dangerous. All famous United States universities are conducting experiments to manufacture medicines & vaccines for Yellow Fever, Zika Virus and West Nile Virus. It has been a year since Zika virus has got attention of bio-scientists. This new clinical experiment of Yellow Fever Vaccine will be ground breaking for patients around world.

Yellow FeverThe University of IOWA has provided platform for research into Yellow Fever virus attack. Doctors of medical science have got attention of Center for Disease Control and Prevention to get funds from State Health Department. These clinical trials are started in University of IOWA under guidance & funding of National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Disease. Trials to make new vaccine are in initial stage. You can visit Kolmac Clinic in United States to get your first shot.

Bio-scientists have manufactured new Yellow Fever Vaccine under production department of Danish Bio pharmaceutical Company. This vaccine is named Bavarian Nordic. It is safe to use and have no side effects. Clinical trials would be offered to volunteers on payment basis in University of IOWA. Bavarian Nordic is given to IOWA University by Danish Bio pharmaceutical Company for testing phase. It is not much famous like Hepatitis C medicine Epclusa. This virus injections does not give addiction types.

Aedes aegypti is special type of mosquitoes. These are male and female. Only female Aedes aegypti are responsible for transferring Zika Virus and Yellow Fever Virus. Its outbreak started in South America and Africa. These female mosquitoes infected 100,000 to 180,000 people in recent months. Many people died from these infections. World Health Organization has noted that 65,000 people died from these 180,000 Aedes aegypti infected cases. These viral strands leads patient to critical diseases like bacterial meningitis.

Human Papillomavirus

Human Papillomavirus Terminology

Human Papillomavirus is a group of viruses. These are more common in United States of America. It is abbreviated as HPV. Its transmission is more than expectation in America. More common type of transmission of Human Papillomavirus is sexual relations. Every one out of four teens in USA is carrier of Human Papillomavirus. Doctors confirm that every American is exposed to this virus once in their lifetime.

Human Papillomavirus is noted in 14 million people every year. This virus is bio formulation of 100 to 150 viral strands. All viral strands of this virus are dangerous. But more than 40 are only affecting genitals of human. HIV, AIDS and Cancer are mostly caused by this Human Papillomavirus. You can visit Kolmac Clinic in United States to get your first shot.

Human PapillomavirusHuman Papillomavirus is more commonly contracted by sex addicts. Every men and women who is doing sex regularly in life with more than one partner attracts HPV. This chance to contract virus is more than 80%. Such new contractions are more than 15 million every year. New contraction cases are more common in gays and lesbians rather than straight sex addicts. It is not much famous like Hepatitis C medicine Epclusa.

United States of America is main carrier of Human Papillomavirus in world. Every time more than 80 million Americans are active with this kind of viral stands. This group of viruses transferred through skin contact instead of body liquid. Skin contact can transfer from one person to another. Vaginal, anal and oral sex is main reason for transfer of Human Papillomavirus. These viral strands leads patient to critical diseases like bacterial meningitis.

HPV is main reason for genital infection and respiratory system failure. What is Human Papillomavirus Vaccine? There is no cure in medical science yet. Genital warts are not so dangerous with HPV 6 and HPV 11. Cancer is also caused by these viral strands of type HPV 16, HPV 18, HPV 31, HPV 33, HPV 45, HPV 52 and HPV 58. Warts that are caused by HPV are different than strains of Cancer. This virus injections does not give addiction types.

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